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Title insurance has been a core of our business since opening our first office in Galveston, TX. Since then, we’ve refined the process to make protecting property ownership a breeze, and now serve customers across the globe. Our work with home buyers and sellersreal estate agents and brokers; real estate lenders; builders and developers; commercial property owners, and investors speaks for itself. 

Title insurance offers financial protection against title problems that might not be found in the public records, are inadvertently missed in the title search process or that may arise from fraud or forgery. This necessary service not only provides peace of mind to property owners but ensures real estate lenders are investing in a safe transaction.

What is Title Insurance?

Get the details on what title insurance is, who it protects and who needs it.

Value of Title Insurance

The title industry is more than just property ownership. 

Title Insurance Protection

What does title insurance protect you from? The answer is, a LOT.

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