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Have you heard? AIM+ 9.2 releases on Friday, April 8th and includes several enhancements available for you:

  • The AIM+ integration with Pricing API (PAPI) obtains title insurance rates from Pricing APIs and displays them in AIM+. Previously, AIM+ received these rates from Financial Access Service.
  • A new Transaction Type Mapping feature has been added in AIM+ setup under the Order Setup/Transaction Types section, allowing users to map AIM+ and PAPI transaction accounts.
  • The Alternative Discount feature is no longer functional after this integration.

For more information on features available with AIM+ 9.2, refer to the Release Notes.

Date New Features Version Details
April 8, 2022 Transaction Type Mapping  9.2 Release Notes
October 22, 2021 TIEFF Field 9.1 Release Notes
August 20, 2021

CertifID Confirm Bank Details

9.0 Release Notes

June 19, 2021

CertifID 1-to-1 Mapping


Release Notes

March 20, 2021

CertifID Integration


Release Notes

Video Demo

January 15, 2021

Revenue Reporter

(for Commercial Services only)


Release Notes

November 20, 2020

Disbursements & 1099-S


Release Notes

Video Demo

May 15, 2020

Policy Simultaneous Issue



April 19, 2020

Stewart Access Integration


Release Notes

Video Demo