Tools and Resources

Working with Stewart Title Commercial Services means more than title insurance and closing services. We partner with our commercial clients to provide you with tools and resources to keep your transactions moving ahead. From custom-built tools, industry recommendations, to the expertise of our team, you get a partner who helps remove obstacles for you. 


Virtual Underwriter

With Virtual Underwriter, attorneys, title offices and lenders have access to the information needed to keep transactions moving ahead, 24/7. Instead of searching through volumes of reference materials, the information you need is readily available with a single click. Virtual Underwriter is simple to use – see how your business can take advantage of this service.

Commercial Edge

Get commercial property information on the go using the Commercial Edge™ app. A simple-to-use tool, Commercial Edge allows you to easily access the property information you need to close your deals, no matter where you are.  


Manage your transactions in real time with the SureClose® Transaction Management System. A collaborative online platform, SureClose enables all parties to quickly send and receive information, and electronically sign and view documents when applicable. 

State Laws and Customs Toolkit

Save time and eliminate guesswork with our State Laws and Customs Toolkit. This resource puts the varying state-level requirements for getting deals done right at your fingertips. 

Ernst Publishing

Ernst Publishing, the trusted name for getting rid of real-estate recording rejections.

FindLaw for Legal Professionals

Get the legal knowledge you need with FindLaw.